Ninja Firewood is a subsidiary company of Alpha Mats. Alpha Mats recycles timber mats that are used to build temporary roadways, bridges, and work platforms. These timber mats range between 16 and 48 feet long. For a 48 foot mat to be built it takes 4 hardwood trees to grow over 60 feet tall, a southern red oak tree takes about 20 years to grow to this height, for a combined total of 80 years per mat built.

In this industry if one of the timbers that make up the mat are broken or weak, the mat is considered a junk mat that is no longer usable and is sent to the landfill to be disposed of! This is where Alpha Mats/Ninja Firewood comes in!

We take apart the mats, salvaging the good timbers, and rebuild them. As for the non salvageable timbers, those are the ones we turn into firewood. With a lot of the hardwood species like red oak, white oak, ash, maple, and cherry being sold to the mat building industry to manufacture mats for the gas industry, a lot of us have seen a steady increase in the price of hardwood firewood. We are working hard to refurbish these mats so we can help to decrease the amount of our hardwood trees that are being used every day for this industry, also doing our part to lessen the carbon footprint.

Since we began we have prevented over 400 tons of steel that is used to make the bolts that hold the mats together from going into landfills, either through recycling at our local scrap yard or re-using them. We have also refurbished 1468 mats totaling 7110 hardwood trees that did not have to be harvested to support these industries. In our one year of business we have produced and sold just about 140 cords of firewood, which has prevented about 30 acres of natural forest from being destroyed.

Order firewood today and help us protect and preserve our natural resources!