Have you ever dreaded buying firewood or become wary of sellers promising something that isn’t up to par?  Have you ever felt overwhelmed or confused by all the intricate details about firewood? Hopefully these faqs can give you peace of mind and a little guidance!


What is the difference between a facecord, half cord and full cord?

– a facecord is 1/3 of a full cord
– a half cord measures 4x4x4, 64 cubic ft. when stacked
– a full cord measures 4x4x8, 128 cubic ft. when stacked

What kind of wood do I need to buy?

– It varies from person to person. If you only have a hand full of fires a year and are relatively new at starting them, definitely go with softwoods such as fir because it is easier to start and you won’t be disappointed. Softwoods can be much cheaper, but remember they burn much quicker. Hardwoods such as oak or walnut should be left to experienced fire starters. If you are new to burning wood, you WILL be left disappointed with hardwoods as they can be much more difficult to ignite. Hard woods are more expensive but they are much more dense, heavier and do not burn nearly as quick so you get more for your money. If you have hardwood it is recommended to have some kindling on hand.


What is the difference between seasoned and green firewood?

– Remember that ALL WOOD contains some amount of water. Green wood, otherwise known as fresh cut wood, can contain as much as 45% water whereas seasoned wood has been dried and stored for over 6 months, depending on the type of wood. It can have up to a 25% moisture content. Properly seasoned wood produces the most heat and produces the least creosote.

What is debarked / barkless firewood?

– This wood is cut and split and has no bark on it. This type of wood usually dries faster, and is very clean wood.


How Much Firewood Do I Need?

– If burning wood is your main source of heat, buying 1 cord to several cords is recommended. If you have a fireplace and just enjoy having fires, a facecord would be plenty. It just all depends how often you have a fire.

How do I store my firewood?

– Stack your firewood neatly outside either in a rack or along a wall. Do not tarp it because this will inhibit the sun or air to penetrate through it which dries it out even more.