Campground Firewood Bundles

Campground firewood bundles products

We proudly offer firewood bundles, firewood cubes and fire starters at a discount to campgrounds in need of firewood for the camping season. Call us for details and special bulk pricing!

Ninja FireCubes

Ninja Firecube - blazing block, firewood box
Also known as blazing blocks, these cubes pack a firewood punch that is perfect for hours of cooking. Portable and easy to light using a long-neck grill lighter, its great for beginners who want to start a quick cooking fire.

Bulk Firewood Bundles

Firewood Bundles for Retail or Campgrounds
Bulk bundles of firewood for campground sales. Serve your campground needs with our dense hardwood firewood bundles that burn for hours!


Ninja Fire Starters

Free Fire Starters with Full Cord Order Firewood
These wax firestarters help beginners and experts alike light our firewood bundles with ease. 6-8 fire starters included per box.